BUILD & GROW Jungle 3D Puzzle garden


Let the imagination grow! Build your own 3D Jungle that includes an interactive real life garden.

3D Puzzle Gardens are made with the future of little ones in mind. Not only do they educate and inspire the younger generation, each product is made to be as eco-friendly as possible.

This creative and unique play set includes a set of pop out jungle animals that will liven up your garden with imagination and fun.

Inside your box you will find 4 pop out boards, a bag of soil, 2 seed sachets (Pea & Cress) and a growing container; Everything that you’ll need to grow your jungle animals ‘food’.

Ages 4+.

We offer a range of exciting designs; so you’re sure to find a 3D Puzzle Garden that suits you.

Made from:

We use recycled card to make the play sets and the packaging, whilst we also use vegetable ink to print it all and make the characters come to life! The tiny amount of plastic in each set is fully recyclable and can be used over and over, making sure each 3D Puzzle Garden is good for our children both now and in the years to come.


Packaged Item dimensions: 32cm x 22cm x 5cm.

Item dimensions when built: Approx 28cm x 19cm x 17cm.

Free Shipping and Price:

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