General FAQs

Q: How much does shipping cost?

We are happy to offer free shipping on orders over £35 shipping anywhere within the UK. Orders below £35 are charged a £1.99 flat-rate fee.

Q: How long does shipping take?

Shipping will take 2-4 working days from your order being placed.

Q: Do you deliver outside the UK?

Unfortunately we only offer UK delivery at present. We are looking to expand our delivery zones to outside the UK in 2021.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal payments. If you do not have a Paypal account, you will be given the choice to pay via guest checkout.

Q: Do you offer gift wrapping?

We currently do offer a gift wrapping option for our SeedCell products. These are listed separately on our shop page.

Q: What is your return and exchange policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We will accept returns of sealed items in original condition or defective products within 30 days of the order date. Please email for return information. Note: Sale items cannot be returned. Refunds will be issued for the item price on the original sales receipt and any applicable taxes to the payment method used for the original order. Shipping charges are not refundable. Be sure to pack and seal the package securely. If possible, use the original packaging. For your protection, we recommend that you insure your package against loss and request a delivery confirmation. Packages must be returned prepaid; we cannot accept COD shipments.

Q: Where can I find a shop in my area that sells your products?

We sell Grow Sow Simple products throughout the UK and EU. We will soon be including a location map with various locations you will find our products (coming to 2021).

Q: What if my item is damaged?

If your item is damaged when received, please get in touch with us immediately at We will send you a replacement as quick as possible. We may ask you to send your damaged goods back so do not get rid of any packaging if possible.

Q: Is shipping tracked?

At present, we do not offer tracked delivery. However this is something that we are looking to add to our optional delivery preferences in 2021.


SeedCell FAQs

Q: How do I use my SeedCell?

Planting your SeedCell is very easy. Find out how here.

Q: What’s included inside my selection box?

You will receive 12 x biodegradable, plastic free seed pods. (4 varieties). Also included inside your box is an informative leaflet with a ‘how to’ guide on using your pods as well as growing times and tips.

Q: Why isn’t my SeedCell growing?

Your SeedCell pod may not be growing for a couple of reasons:

1. Please check that you are not over watering. Because of the nature of the material SeedCell pod is made from, it will absorb any moisture and nutrients from the soil/compost and feed this directly to the seed. The pod will also retain the moisture, meaning that you do not have to water as much. If you over water, you run the chance of drowning your seed.

2. Check the growing times for each variety of seed using the information leaflet included in your selection box. Growing times can be a big factor when having issues with growth and germination.

3. Give you SeedCell time. Seeds can be very sensitive to temperature/the surroundings/conditions and can sometimes take a little longer to germinate than usual. Usually with a little nurture and patients your seeds will begin to thrive.

Q: How long does it take for my SeedCell pod to biodegrade?

This will depend on your soil/compost choice. Your pod should start to breakdown within 6-12 months.

Q: Do I need to use plant feed with SeedCell?

This is completely up to the grower. Your SeedCell will grow absolutely fine without any added help. However, using plant feed can sometimes help your seeds thrive that little bit extra and give them the nutrients they need to have a more successful crop.

Q: How many seeds are in each pod?

Seed quantity will vary depending on the variety. We make sure that each pod has enough seed to guarantee germination and a healthy yield.

Q: How long does it take till my plant is fully grown?

This will depend on the variety you are growing. For example, tomato plants take a lot longer to grow than our pea variety. You can check this information via the description section on each individual selection box page through our shop page here.

Q: Will my plant stay alive till next year?

We have a range of perennial vegetable plants that will last till next year if kept in the correct conditions. You can check this information via the description section on each individual selection box page through our shop page here.

Q: What kind of compost should I use?

We would always suggest using good quality compost (peat free) where possible.

Q: How often should I water my plant?

Give your soil/compost a good watering before you insert your pod and always make sure that the topsoil is moist throughout early growth. Try to not over water your pod as this will inevitably drown your seeds. The pod itself will absorb any moisture from the soil/compost and feed it directly to the seed meaning you do not have to water as much as you might with conventional growing. Please do not forget that seeds are living organisms and are susceptible to failure due to bad care. If you look after your seeds, there is no reason why your plants won’t thrive and produce healthy a crop.

Q: Is it better to start growing indoors?

With most of the varieties available in our range, it is always better to start growing indoors. This way you can control the environment and surroundings where your seeds are growing. You can also start a lot of the varieties directly outdoors if stated on the growing instructions. You can check this information via the description section on each individual selection box page through our shop page here.

Q: How far apart should I plant my pods?

This will depend entirely on the variety you are growing. Some varieties can be growing in close rows such as our herbs collection. Other varieties such as pumpkin for example will need plenty more room to grow. You can check this information via the description section on each individual selection box page through our shop page here.

Q: How do I ‘thin’ my seedlings?

Some seedlings will require ‘thinning’ to guarantee a stronger healthier growth. This is very easy to do. Once your seedlings start to appear through the top of your pod, simply pull your pod from the soil, being very careful to make sure you don’t pull apart the roots.