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How it works

Simply fill the base with water, place your grow mat inside the growing tray making sure the wicking tab is tucked under into the base. Place your seeds ontop of the mat where the water will begin to wick up and keep your seeds moist.

Cover or place your grow kits in a dark cupboard for 2-3 days until they germinate.

Next, simply place out where there is sun (windowsil works best). Make sure to top up the water when empty and enjoy healthty, nutrious microgreens in no time!

Why choose microgreens?

Here are just some of the reasons why you need Microgreens in your life.

Super versatile

Thanks to their versatile flavours, Microgreens can be paired with mutiple foods. Whether they’re used as a simple salad garnish, blended into smoothies or layered into burgers and sandwiches, these tiny greens pack a punch when it comes to flavour transforming your ordinary dishes into something with a ‘little extra’!

Health benefits

Microgreens are packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Compared to their mature counterparts, these little greens can have up to 40 x more nutritional value meaning a little definitely goes a long way.

Easy to grow

With MicroGrow, growing microgreens have never been so easy. You dont have to be an experienced gardener, have a big garden or even remember to water your plants! Our self watering wicking system allows you to grow your microgreens with relative ease with some varieties ready to harvest within days!

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Enjoy your homegrown microgreens as part of a super healthy & nutritious diet.
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