3D Puzzle Garden

Build a living garden

Create your very own interactive play set with a real garden! This make & create set comes with an easy to follow numbering system for easy assembly. Simply pop out each piece, match the numbers and fit them together to create each scene.

What’s Included?

Each box contains everything you need:

  • Pop Out Boards
  • Seeds
  • Growing Container
  • Soil
Build & Grow Product

How Does It Work?

Build your very own living garden

  • Build Your Puzzle
  • Plant Your Seeds
  • Watch Them Grow!
Build & Grow Product

Eco Friendly


We use recycled card to make the play sets and the packaging, whilst we also use vegetable ink to print it all and make the characters come to life! The tiny amount of plastic in each set is fully recyclable and can be used over and over, making sure each 3D Puzzle Garden is good for our children both now and in the years to come.


Health eating

Gardening helps children engage their curiosity, teaches them to be resourceful and gain self-confidence. With 3D Puzzle Garden, we realise the importance of teaching kids the value of growing your own food; that’s why we only include a range of edibles such as cress, pea, kale, rocket, lettuce and watercress.

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