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Grow Sow Simple™ truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of growing and eating their own fresh herbs and vegetables. No matter what their circumstances, whether a novice new to gardening or an old hat experienced grower, whether growing in an abundant allotment or a tiny balcony, our range can help gardeners get the most from the space.


About Us

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Our objective is simple; to get people growing! Our team of in-house designers have spent years adapting and designing the innovative, fun and educational products that we have on offer today.

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We have grown and tested 100’s of seed varieties to find out which are the very best when used in our products. We are constantly testing NEW and exciting additions to include in our ever growing product range.

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One of the core beliefs driving the product design at Grow Sow Simple™ is the products environmental impacts. The ethos is simple, growing from seeds is a natural process which should never create any negative impact on the environment as a bi-product. So our products are designed so that the end use has little to no negative environmental impact.

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Where possible we will ensure all products across the entire range are waste free, biodegradable and compostable, using as little plastic as possible. Grow Sow Simple™ only use plastic when necessary and even when we must use plastic, we ensure it is fully recyclable, we focus our design to encourage the reuse of any plastic products and the safe and proper disposal after use.


Our aim is to offer a user experience to our customers through our range of affordable, accessible and straight forward products. No matter what age, what level of experience, or how much space is available we aim to give our users confidence in the garden through the innovative design of our unique products. Nothing is more exciting than enjoying a healthy homemade meal using ingredients grown in your own home or garden.


The future of gardening is convenient, simple
& above all guaranteed.


Plastic free –
biodegradable seed packaging

Seedcell Products


Tiny greens full of goodness


Tiny greens full of goodness

Build & Grow

3D puzzle garden –
build your own living garden

Build & Grow Products


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